June 24, 2018

9. The Louse And The Flea


In this week’s tale 'The Louse and the Flea’ we’ve unexpectedly unearthed the most intense story on Grimm Reading so far.

BFFs little Louse and little Flea are happily living together making artisanal craft ale in egg shells when tragedy strikes. Things escalate quickly as the neighbours hear of their terrible misfortune.

Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride as we learn the principles of chaos theory, the importance of empathy and why you ought to rein it in when in mourning.

We briefly introduce the all important Aarne-Thompson-Uther fairytale classification system and then read 'Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse’, the English cousin of 'The Louse and the Flea’.

And, of course, we choose the next batch of Brothers Grimm tales we’ll be diving into...



Theme music: Bicycle Waltz by Goodbye Kumiko

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Johannes Brahms's Hungarian Dance No. 5 performed by the Fulda Symphonic Orchestra

Frédéric Chopin's Nocturne Op 27 No. 20 performed by Gabriele Piccinnu

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