November 28, 2018

20. The Three Snake-Leaves

Viking vampires, Cretan honey murderers and dyscalculic snakes - yes, Grimm Reading is back!

War, death and infidelity feature in a rollercoaster of an adventure this week, as a young hero fights for his life (and his wife) with the help of magical foliage in ‘The Three Snake-Leaves.’
We go deep into the history of this story type and have a few addendums to confess to as well. This leads us nicely onto discussing a debate raging at the heart of the study of folklore - are fairy tales the true voice of the people or just literary creations of the learned? 
Thanks for waiting patiently, we’re now once again firmly and happily planted by the Grimm castle fireside.


Theme music: Bicycle Waltz by Goodbye Kumiko

Other music: Brahms's 16 Waltzes, Op. 39, #4 performed by Martha Goldstein  / Brahms's 16 Waltzes, Op.39, #1 performed by Martha Goldstein

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