August 20, 2018

15. The Knapsack, The Hat And The Horn

Three poor brothers hit the forest to seek their fortune, but can earthly riches mend a broken heart?
A magical wishing cloth gives one brother the power to offer a selection of meats which help him rob his way to power and world domination. But his ascension is threatened when a beautiful, brave and judgemental Princess discovers his secret. 
We go on an adventure filled with magic, war, love, loss and dirty charcoal burners.
We also recount a bizarre Danish version of the tale and finally we choose the next three stories we’ll be exploring on Grimm Reading. 


Theme music: Bicycle Waltz by Goodbye Kumiko

Other music: Johannes Brahms's Hungarian Dance No. 5 performed by the Fulda Symphonic Orchestra

Ludwig Van Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 28 in A Major, Op. 101, Movement II: Lebhaft, marschmäßig (Vivace alla marcia) performed by Daniel Veesey

Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony no. 8 in f major, op. 93 - iv. allegro vivace performed by the Bucharest College Orchestra

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