Certified Grimm

June 5, 2018

We've quickly realised that some stories will be getting a little bit... well, grim and may not be suitable for all children nor the faint of heart.

So we've instituted the 'Certified Grimm' rating system wherby if a story is deemed to cross the line of any of the following, we will flag it up at the beginning of the episode to warn listeners of any potentially offensive or unsuitable material.

  • Excessive violence
  • Seriously dark over (and under) tones.
  • Overt (and covert) racism
  • Adult themes
  • Extreme cruelty

Any story we deem to reside in one or more of these fairly arbitrary categories will be branded 'Certified Grimm' at the top of the podcast. 

In the face of public horror at the content at some of the stories, the brothers themselves are recorded as suggesting it should be up to parents to decide which stories are suitable for children so plan ahead and stay safe. 

Forwarned is forearmed. Don't say we didn't tell you...